Spiralizer:             In our day-to-day life cutter is the kitchen appliance that is basically used for cutting vegetables. A spiralizer is a device that is used to make the fruits and vegetables spirals and slices. It is also known as “Spiralo”,” Spirali”, “splizer vegetable slicer” and turning vegetable slicer. It is operated […]

Blenders: A blender is a kitchen or laboratory appliance sometimes called a liquidizer in Britain English. Blenders are basically used to mix emulsify or puree food and other substances like that. A basic stationary blender consists of a blender container which is mostly in the form of a jug and a rotating blender blade which […]

table of contents: rotisserie History vertical rotisserie horizontal rotisserie what is a rotisserie oven? uses of the rotisserie oven difference between rotisserie and roasting top brands of the rotisserie oven lid function in rotisserie cooking how long to cook a rotisserie chicken in a rotisserie oven? commercial rotisserie ovens best rotisserie oven to buy: Rotisserie […]

What is Saucepan? The saucepan is a type of cookware and bakeware and a deep pan made of metal like stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and enamel-coated metal. It usually contains a lid and a long handle made of wood. It is used for cooking purposes such as for boiling macaroni and in Pakistan saucepan is […]

Best cheese knife of 2020 The best cheese knife resembles with kitchen’s knife and it is specially designed for cutting of cheese. Different cheese required different knives like according to primary harness, mostly knives refer for soft cheese as well. It can also have fun to manage the cutting of cheese in different ways.  The […]