5 Best saucepan of 2021

What is Saucepan?

The saucepan is a type of cookware and bakeware and a deep pan made of metal like stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and enamel-coated metal. It usually contains a lid and a long handle made of wood. It is used for cooking purposes such as for boiling macaroni and in Pakistan saucepan is used for making tea and for boiling is invented in the 17th century and used only for sauces therefore named a saucepan.

Shapes of saucepan:

The saucepan is basically a round-shaped kitchen utensil with more width and less height and allows heat to distribute evenly throughout the area. A saucepan with a lid is more helpful because it does not allow heat to move out of the contains a plain bottom that helps the heat to flow through all material.

Uses of the saucepan:

The saucepan is the basic thing in your kitchen because the saucepan is largely used in the kitchen instead of other pots and has wide uses in the kitchen. Initially, when it was invented it is used only for making sauce but nowadays it is also used for other various purposes such as for:

  • Boiling water
  •  making sauce and soups
  •  making tea and coffee
  •  boiling eggs

In Pakistan, the sauce pan has more uses. Large saucepans are used for cooking biryani and other rice recipes and its plane bottom is best for layering the rice. It is basically used for liquid materials because of its large height.

Types of the sauce pan:

There are different types of saucepans used in the kitchen. It is not necessary that you have all types of the saucepan in your kitchen therefore you can take only the basic saucepan for all purposes. The types include stainless steel, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, cast iron, ceramics, porcelain, titanium, stoneware and antimicrobial, pour spot, soft-grip handle, pour spot, etc.

Stainless steel saucepan:

Stainless steel does not react with alkaline or acidic food so can be used in cooking each type of food. And it is also easy to clean it and the pan is durable. It is the best saucepan evenly used in the kitchen.

Copper saucepan:

The copper pan sauce is used for daily use and prevents hot spots that can burn the food. It provides the perfect heat distribution throughout the area. Copper instantly reacts with heat and it results in an instant lower or falls in temperature of food and helps cook the food quickly.

Aluminum saucepan:

The aluminum saucepan is light in weight and spread heat is efficient for cooling and heating food. It is a very reasonable choice for cooking because it is reasonable in price.

Size of saucepan:

The sizes of the saucepan really matter for cooking and heating a large or small quantity of food. The varying size of saucepans makes it a very useful kitchen utensil used for all purposes. The size range From Small saucepan, Medium saucepan, 1.5 to2.5 quart saucepan, 3-quart saucepan, 4-quart saucepan, large saucepan.

·        Small saucepan:

A small saucepan is basically used for cooking food and boiling a small number of liquid materials and few eggs in daily use however small saucepan is a necessary kitchen is usually found in every kitchen for its smaller size and is easy to carry and store.

2-quart saucepan:

2-quart saucepan can contain 2 liters of water in it. If you want to purchase a saucepan then a 2-quart saucepan is most reliable for your family for cooking purposes and can cook a bit large quantity food.

3 quarts saucepan:

3 quart saucepan has a capacity of 3 liters. It is larger than the 2-quart is useful for boiling a couple of eggs and cooking a large number of sauces and boiling a great quantity of macaroni for a group of people.

·        medium saucepan:

Different sizes of the saucepan are used in the kitchen but a medium saucepan has its own place in the kitchen and is almost found in every kitchen because of its ideal size and for cooking all types of food. It is 10cm in height and 20cm in diameter.

·        Large saucepan:

A large saucepan is used for cooking a large number of soups and is basically used in restaurants and cafes etc. large saucepan is larger in height and greater in width and contains two handles with their two edges for holding because it is difficult to carry a large saucepan with a single handle.

Set of saucepan:

There are different brands of saucepans providing a variety of sets of saucepans. A set of saucepan basically includes 3 different sizes of saucepan such as a small saucepan, large saucepan, and medium saucepan made of different materials depending on the choice of the customer. Some sets have spatulas with them making them more reliable.

Best saucepans to buy:

There are different brands of saucepans providing a variety of saucepans that distinguish from each other in size, shape, the material used, capacity, and color. Each brand has its own characteristics. A large variety gives you an option to choose a saucepan of your type that is perfect for your kitchen. The best saucepans that are mostly use in every kitchen and you should buy are:

·AmazonBasics stainless steel saucepan with lid

Amazonbasics is the brand providing stainless steel saucepan with a lid. The lid is glass transparent with a steam escape hole. It is best to use on stovetops and induction tops and is safe up to 500 degrees. Its weight is about 2.21 pounds. Its riveted stainless steel handle remains cool if touch during stovetop preparation.





Material: aluminum glass stainless steel

Brand: amazon basics

Capacity: 1.4 liters

size: 1.5-quart

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  • Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Saucepan –

The 2 quart saucepan is made of stainless steel, mirror finished, durable and comfortable for cooking. The saucepan is oven safe to 350  and is making cleaning easy, safe, and fast. The farberware company gives you a lifetime warranty for this product. Its comfortable handle with iconic styling provides a confident and easy grasp. It is bell shape and has a rolled rim and stylish knob.



Material: stainless steel

Brand: farberware

Capacity: 1.89 liters

Size: 2-quart

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· Rorence Stainless Steel Saucepan

Rorence provides a variety of saucepans that distinguish in material, size, color, texture, etc. Rorence Saucepan is with Pour Spout & Glass Lid with Strainer. The saucepan is made with food-safe stainless steel and is easy to wash. The saucepan is with capsule bottom and specially designed for use on gas, electric, and induction cooktop surface.



Material: 18/8 stainless steel

Capacity: 3.7 liters

Size: 3.7 quart

Brand: Rorence

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· AVACRAFT Stainless Steel Saucepan

Avacraft saucepan is best for the characteristics that make it different from other company’s saucepans. The saucepan is with a glass lid, strainer lid, and 2 side spouts for easy pouring, with an ergonomic handle.



Material: Tri-Ply Capsule Bottom finished with stainless steel

Capacity: 2.37 liters

Size: 2.5 quart


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· MICHELANGELO Nonstick Sauce Pan

MICHELANGELO 2 quart saucepan is scratch resistant with multiple layers of nonstick coating. This saucepan is best for cooking vegetables, soups, kinds of pasta, and sauces. It is best to use on medium heat with less quantity of oil.MICHELANGELO-Saucepan


Material: Titanium, Ceramic, Copper, Aluminum alloy

Capacity: 2 liters

Size: 2 quart


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