Top 9 Hand Mixers For Kitchen 2021

What is Hand Mixer?

A Hand Mixer is a kitchen device that is used for the mixing of products such as food or liquid placed in a bowl. The appliance used in a kitchen uses the gear driver to rotate the food by a set of beaters made of stainless steel or other material.

 Hand mixer finely mixes them by rotation and performs various tasks such as whisking, blending, and beating. It can be a hand mixer and stand mixer with a bowl.

Types of kitchen Mixers attachments:

What are they used for is an important question, the answer to this question is that with different attachments, we can mix, stir, and whip different products and ingredients. The different types of attachments are given:

Flat beater:

Flat Beater

A flat beater is an attachment to a mixer that is flat in shape and contains a sharp pointed edge and is used for the grinding of the products into flour form. The beater is used for cake mixes, mashing potatoes and for biscuits, icing, cakes, and pastry.


Dough hook:

Dough Hook Hand Mixer

The dough hook is a mixer attachment that is shaped in a helix form and like a hook. The mixer is used to mix hard and tough products such as pizza dough that needs a greater force to mix. Its corkscrew shape allows the dough to mix well.



Balloon Whisks:

Balloon Whisks Hand Mixer

The balloon whisks are the most common utensil usually found in every kitchen. The whisk is used to mix light, usually liquid items and add air to them during whisking. The balloon whisk is used to whisks eggs, fluffing of products, aerating, and whipped cream.



Flex Edge Beater:

Flex Edge Beater

The flex egg is almost the same as that of the flat beater and the thing that makes it differ from the flat beater is that the flex edger contains specula at its edge that is used to clean the sides of the bowl. It is used for the creaming of sugar and butter, especially for cake preparation.



Helix Beater:

Helix Beater Hand Mixer

The helix beater is a spirally arranged attachment used for general mixing. It provides more surface area to the mixing and all ingredients make contact with each other. Now a day, almost all mixers even hand mixer or stand mixer provides addition attachments of helix beater for all general-purpose mixing.


Hand Mixer vs. Stand Mixer:

When you are searching for a mixer, you should know the differences between hand mixers and stand mixers. It matters when you are using them in the kitchen while baking. There are differences between the two in performing functions and they are:

Hand Mixer:

Hand Mixer

A hand mixer is lightweight and is easy to carry. The main advantage is that the hand held is much inexpensive than the luxury stand mixer. It is easy to store and the easiest to clean. You can mix while using a hand held on the top of the bowl, any container, and stovetop. The disadvantage to using a hand mixer is that you cannot go anywhere while mixing because it sometimes takes time to mix and you have to hold it in your hand.




Stand Mixer:

Stand Mixer

The stand mixer is large and is faster and provides more functions than the hand mixers. It is more powerful and can mix a huge quantity of food such as pizza dough or creaming of butter and sugar.

We can do multi-tasks while using a stand mixer because it is hand-free. The stand mixer has various additional attachments such as a balloon whisk, dough hook, and flat beater.

But it is expansive and needed more room to store.


What Is The Best Hand Mixer?

There are many companies offering mixers with qualities and functions that make the mixers different from each other. However, the best hand mixers manufactured and provided by companies are:

  • Hamilton beach electric hand mixer
  • BLACK+DECKER hand mixer
  • Braun hand mixer
  • Vonshef hand mixer
  • Liraip electric hand mixer
  • Norpro cordless mini hand mixer
  • Dash smart store compact hand mixer

Diek Ultra Power :

  • Electric hand mixer
  • KitchenAid 5-speed ultra-power hand mixer
  • Cuisinart 5-speed hand mixer
  • Elechomes 5-speed electric hand mixer
  • Lord Eagle 400 POWER handheld mixer
  • DmofwHi 5-speed electric hand mixer

How To Shred Chicken With a Hand Mixer?

Chicken can be shredded using a hand mixer. The first step to shred chicken is that you have to boil or bake the chicken. By using your hands, tear the pieces of chicken. When the chickens are of moderate temperature put this into the bowl and use flat beater attachment.

Turn on the hand mixer at low speed and the beaters start to shred the chicken. Increase the speed of the hand mixer and let the peddle work until it shreds evenly. Make sure about timing because it shreds fast.

Top hand mixers to buy are:

There are many brands providing hand mixer. The hand mixers are different in functions, color, shape, and attachments. You can also buy this online from providing good qualities. Top products to buy on Amazon are:

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer:

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed

Hamilton Beach is a brand proven 6-speed hand mixer, along with attachments such as beaters and whisks along with a storage case. It is easy to handle with a high power of 250 watts. It contains the bowl rest features and that’s allowing the mixer to rest on the edge of the bowl. The mixer is easy to clean. The Hamilton Beach electric mixer is of high-speed maxing mixing and whisking very quickly. Read more about Hamilton Beach Blender.


Brand: Hamilton beach

Color: white

Material: chrome

Model: 6-speed electric hand mixer

Volt: 150V

Watt: 250W


  • Bowl rest feature
  • Storage case
  • 6-speed hand mixer
  • Easy to handle
  • Versatile attachments beater and wish


Buy on Amazon

Customer Reviews:

Versatile attachments…. the Hamilton Beach electric hand mixer is very useful for its features. Whisk is used for whisking and beater is used to beat potatoes and chicken.

Storage case….I wonder how smoothly the beaters went into the storage case.

Customer Questions:

Question:What are the dimensions of the Hamilton beachelectrichandmixer?

Answer:The dimension of the product is 8.3 x 5.7 x 9.2 inches.

Question:Can we make dough of bread with the Hamilton beachelectrichandmixer?

Answer:This mixer is of low weight and face difficulty in the making of pizza dough because it contains only two beaters. You should use a machine consists of four beaters or a kitchen aid stand mixer or buy a bread machine.

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Black +DECKER MX600B HELIX 5-SPEED hand mixer:

Black Decker Hand Mixer

BLACK DECKER brand providing 5-speed hand mixer with 2x better mixing function. It is most important to be in every kitchen because it contains five attachments including two dough hooks, one whisk, and two highly spiral helix beaters that make it more special.

The 2x power of the beater of BLACK DECKER mixer makes mixing very fast by increasing the surface area and the ingredients make more contact with each other. The mixer is efficiently used for mixing dough, spreads, butter, and toppings, etc. the helix beaters are made of nylon that provides strength to the handle and helps in mixing heavy ingredients.

The turbo boost provides you to choose the right speed for mixing of all tasks and you keep the speed slow or high depending upon the need of mixing items.



Color: available in 7 colors

Volt: 150v

Watt: 250w

Model: mx600B

Material: reinforced nylon beaters and plastic body


  • Turbo boost and 5-speed
  • Heel and bowl rest
  • Available in 7 colors
  • 5 attachments including two dough hooks, one whisk, and two highly spiral helix beaters
  • 2X helix beater
  • More surface area
  • Beaters made of reinforced nylon
  • Snap-on storage case
  • 250-watt electric motor
  • Dimensions are 3.8 x 10.87 x 9.8 inches

Buy on Amazon

Customer reviews:

Beater problem…..I bought the beater and the big problem I am facing is that the dough gets stuck in the beaters and I have to stop this many times while mixing. But overall it works well according to my expectations.

2X beater… the 2X beater works very well with much speed and mix all the ingredients much faster. But sometimes, it stops while moving.

Customer Questions:

Question: Where is this mixer manufactured?

Answer: The mixer is made in Indonesia and China. The names of the country in which the products are manufactured are printed on the box. And thanks for your inquiry.

Question: Is the manufacturer providing any discount on BLACK DECKER product?

Answer: There is not any discount for this product provided by the manufacturer.

Question: With what material beaters are made?

Answer: Thanks for your question. The beater of the hand mixer is made of reinforces nylon that adds strength to the handle while mixing tough materials.

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Braun MultiMix Hand Mixer

Braun Multimex

THE braun multimix mixer contains attachments including 2 dough hook and 2 helix beaters. The two dough hooks are very useful for making homemade pizza and cakes. The comfortable handle of the Braun multimix hand mixer allows comfortable control and much soft grip while holding.

The mixer is easily washable and the system is designed as a separately sealable system, so when it has to wash, parts are separated and wash easily and nothing will go inside the safe house. The mixER uses 350 watts to beat the ingredients. The mixer is used for the mixing of the batter for the cake.


Brand: Braun

Color: black

Material: plastic


Watt: 350 W

Dimension: 8.3 x 3 x 8.7 inches


  • It provides 50 percent more power
  • Therefore it needs 1/2 of the effort of mixing.
  • Its cleanup system is quick.
  • One-handed Vario control provides you simple speed control system.
  • Attachment including two whisks and 2 beaters provide an airy mixer.
  • The brain multi mix mixer gives comfortable control.

Buy on Amazon

Customer Reviews:

The Braun MultiMix Hand Mixer is very lightweight and my son who is 10 years old can carry this for 15 Minutes. I always use the low speed to make cheesecake and mashed potatoes. It helps me a lot during cooking. I also don’t need to buy a stand mixer. It also reduces storage space. I always recommended all to buy this worth able mixer.

Attachments are really helpful….The Braun hand mixer is wonderful. I thought that a mixer cannot mix bread dough but this mixer provides the dough hooks. Therefore I give it a shot. I mix my bread dough very well from start to end. The mixer is quite well with the power of 5.stars.

Customer Questions:

Question: Where is the Braun multimix made?

Answer: The Braun multimix is made in Romania.

Question: are the attachments of the mixer made of plastic or steel because they look as they are of plastic?

Answer: The beaters and dough hooks are made of metal, not of plastic.

Question: Is the Braun multimix is noisy or not?

Answer: It is a little nosier but of twice in power and reduces half of the work. It can mix your ingredients half of the time.

KitchenAid KHMB732PA Cordless Hand Mixer:

Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer

The KitchenAid KHMB732PA Cordless Hand Mixer is off the 7-speed makeup to 200 cookies. The mixer contains a chargeable lithium-ion battery that charges the mixer and performs the function of mixing. When it is the time to charge the battery the light signal indicates.

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 A convenient charger is given that is used to charge the mixer. When the mixer charge in only 10 minutes, it has the capacity to mix the batter cake ingredients. The KitchenAid mixer charges in full in two hours. The mixer has a specific carrying system, it is designed to lift on its own and automatically lift the beaters into and out of the bowl.

The 7-speed beater is used widely to whip, stir and mix the ingredients of various recipes, chunky items need slow mixing, medium stirring for sugar and butter and a high speed is required to whisk eggs and heavy cream. The most essential soft tart feature prevents the food from splatting out of the bowl.


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Brand: kitchenAid

Color: passion red

Material: stainless steel

Model: KHMB732PA

Dimension: 10.4 x 7.7 x 5 inches

Speed: 7-speed


  • The KitchenAidhand  mixer provides a Soft start feature.
  • 7-speed mixer
  • The mixer can prepare Makeup to 200 cookies on a full charge
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with charger
  • 2 Dishwasher-Safe, one charger, Stainless Steel Turbo Beater Accessories
  • A convenient charger is also included


Buy on Amazon


I like the KitchenAid KHMB732PA Cordless Hand Mixer. However, it is a little expensive but an awesome tool. This one is a little noisy and its quiet working suits me. I am very pleased to have this mixer as it is useful for my all mixing needs.


Question: How many attachments are available for this mixer?

Answer: It includes two stainless steel turbo beaters.

Question: How many volts are used?

Answer: 12

Question: Is the battery can be replaced?

Answer: No the battery cannot be replaced but rechargeable


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